Monthly Archives: July 2013

The beginning

First days are always long and usually awkward. I’ve never enjoyed the standard, turn taking, “Hi my name is–I’m interesting because…” While today yesterday was just that, there was with it a sense of openness that is rarely accompanied. Maybe it’s just that I’m older now and have some kind of confidence (though honestly I […]

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I suppose its pretty normal for life to be full of change–I don’t often enjoy it, even when I may know its good for me. Well this past week has been no exception; I’ll spare you the painful details but lets just say the only real consistent, not to mention mostly constant, emotions I’ve had […]

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Nathan and Liz

Nathan and Liz have been good friends of mine for a long time. They recently got engaged and needless to say I am super excited for them. We had a picnic dinner with them a couple weeks ago, I happened to bring my camera so I figured I would take a few unofficial engagement photos! […]

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