Courting and betrothal

Going all in is a lot deeper than most people think. It’s beyond commitment by light years.

I love my wife. I am committed to death. I am not yet all in — I desperately intend to be. In a year from now I will love her more than I could possibly imagine. Ten years — fifty years?

Going from dating to engaged is the strangest transition. Nothing has changed; everything has changed. It’s time to put everything you are into the relationship. Don’t force it; don’t get physical. Find intimacy in honest conversation; talk about what you are most afraid of. Remember that this is a unique, once in a lifetime phase in your life. Be vulnerable. Again, don’t get physical.

I had a wide open path to back out of this opportunity. Honestly I wanted to. I find my life very peaceful but I realized much like a relationship — the more you put in the more you get out; in an exponential kind of way. Put in ten you get twenty; put in a hundred you get a thousand; put in everything…

Go all in or leave the table. Don’t wing it; don’t throw down with out knowing who you are up against. Be smart, pray, talk; listen.


It’s in someone else’s hands now.

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