Getting back on track

For those of you who don’t know, running your own business is difficult. This past year has been particularly trying for me and honestly I am still in the thick of it.

I finally had a chance the past month to actually just take photos for no other reason then because I wanted to, it felt really good. I often forget how important it is to allow yourself to be creative, in whatever form that takes. Especially when your profession is a creative driven one. Perhaps that sounds redundant but forced creativity is a lot different then found creativity. Here is just a few:


Nothing much by way of moving work, but still a kind of relief to do it.

-  ”The greats weren’t great because at first they could paint, the greats were great because they paint a lot.” – (macklemore)


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Self Portrait – Day 5

Day 5, it was late, I was about to head to bed and realized I had forgotten to take a picture – Okay my wife reminded me.

I really like this idea. It was fun to take and gave me other ideas. That being said it didn’t work out and I was too tired retake it once I saw that it was out of focus. So I will probably do it again. Originally i was just going to stand there with the light coming down on my, maybe a little background substance. Then I realized I was working with a flash and could get a little movement in there… My neighbor came home when I was in the middle of this, jumping around my front hard with a flash and umbrella looking like and idiot. It was a good night.

Self Portrait – Day 4

My computer is busy processing a bunch of images from the wedding I shot two weeks ago, so I don’t have the ability to update my photo of the day today. In lieu of that I will simple continue re-post the first few days of this project, here is day four.

The day after a wedding I am pretty much spent. 15+ hours not only on my feet but with a smile and creative ideas wears you out. I love every minute of it and I love that it wears me out. My wife is one of my biggest supporters. She is there all day with me making sure I eat and drink and carrying gear, I am not sure how I managed with out her before.  I still had all of the equipment I had rented from the day before so I figured I should make use of it (always a dream that I could possibly fit in a few photo shoots the day after a wedding) After getting frustrated with the lighting not doing what I wanted it to do I say back and sighed, she came over and sat on my lap, I calmed down and the idea struck me so I kissed her.

Self Portrait – Day 17

Well I guess I lied. I got to thinking about the whole point of this project is to push myself even when I don’t feel like taking pictures or feel inspired. To create something anyway. That being said I am not all that happy with this. It was a quick idea since I haven’t done laundry.