The beginning

First days are always long and usually awkward. I’ve never enjoyed the standard, turn taking, “Hi my name is–I’m interesting because…” While today yesterday was just that, there was with it a sense of openness that is rarely accompanied. Maybe it’s just that I’m older now and have some kind of confidence (though honestly I was still shaking when it came to me.) Most everyone shared at least a little bit of what they were actually feeling, which–while taking a lot longer–brought a kind of comfortability that is so rarely present in situations of that nature.

While there was a lot talked about I feel a majority of my mind was taken up by breaking through my standard levels of self conscious thoughts. Honestly though I am some what content with my slow approach to friend making–which is good I suppose since that’s how I seem to have been made. The draw back obviously is not having that comfort zone of friendship to quickly wrap myself in–though the positive to that is being equally disconnected to everyone thus less likely to get stuck in a clique (if such things exist past school years)

I guess we’ll see what the second day will hold.

The commute is pretty nice though.


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