I suppose its pretty normal for life to be full of change–I don’t often enjoy it, even when I may know its good for me. Well this past week has been no exception; I’ll spare you the painful details but lets just say the only real consistent, not to mention mostly constant, emotions I’ve had the past seven days or so has been either anxiety, stress or fear–or mostly a combination of those.

Now I’m not about to turn this into a pity party, the only reason I really even mention those emotions is to express the gravity of the decision put before me. While some might not look on it as that big of a deal, for me it has been huge. Not only in and of its self but through out all of it what God was teaching me about himself and my response to him. I’ll probably get into those details as the weeks progress but I am sure you are wondering what in the world I am talking about.

Last week I was presented with an opportunity to take a position at a coffee company that is taking its first steps into the world of opening cafes. I can’t get into a ton of detail about it but the point anyway is that I’ve decided to take it– or at least start the training and trial process.

If you’ve kept up with my life at all over the past few years I’m sure you’ve seen at least glimpses of my attempts and struggles to take photography from a hobby into a full time career. This is not a cessation of that dream, or even entirely a putting on hold of it, but there will be naturally be a decline of my ability to do it full time professionally.

I’ve learned a ton the past few years, both about photography and business, but mostly about life.


Hmm, this is getting to wordy–I have that tendency.

The reason I share all this with you now is that I am hoping to chronicle in some form or fashion this experience and transition. Perhaps mostly for myself, but for those of you who have taken such good care of me ¬†and do want to hear about this, it will be easier for me to just keep up with one location of story telling opposed to repeating it to all of you. So if you are interested in it, feel free to let me know, otherwise I may keep this more private; we’ll see.

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July 27, 2013 - 4:03 AM

Jane - Good luck, Lucas! (: So glad we still get to take pictures with you! (:

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